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Omnipro 2 battery relay and Omni stat issue


New Member
Battery backup will not pick up when ac supply is pulled. Does anyone know where the transfer relay is on the board? I saw a tech post somewhere referring to a k3 relay, but my board only has k1 and k2. Fused dc negative has throughput.
Also, my omnistats quit communicating. Have no voltage on output 8. Tried reset outputs.
Thanks in advance for any help!


Disconnect the battery and check the voltage on the battery.  It might not be charging any more.
Typically here replace the OmniPro 2 battery every 3 years or so.


New Member
Battery has 12.4 volts without ac input. Its just not transferring to pick up the load. On review of sage advice garnered on this site (Pete), I have disconnected battery for a week and replaced battery as well.
Seems as though output 8 issue may be related re board fail?
Does anyone have contact info for retired HAI tech?