OmniPro 2 X10 Testers


Personally not sure how many folks are using X10 with their OmniPro 2 panel.
Here only using it for Christmas decorations and only utilize appliance modules indoors and old Black and Decker Freewire outdoor modules.  Been fine here over the years.
I have my OmniPro 2 connected to a Volp Dual phased TW-523 emulator, HAI UPB PIM, Leviton VRCOP and HAI ZIM.
This morning configured one X10 lamp module and controlled it via PCA. 
Configured X10 standard and extended with same results.
Also tested software to CM11A and TW-523 (via Ocelot) and on, off and dim commands worked fine.
Noticed that ON, OFF and toggle worked fine. 
DIM worked.
Brighten, light level and ramp did not work for me.
Anyone using X10 today with their Omni Panel? 
If using X10 can you please test dimming of a light module via PCA?