Omnipro II and proximity control of lights


I am trying to find a way to have our driveway and exterior lights activate at night as we approach our house.  I have an omnipro II with one wireless receiver.  Is there a GPS-related function from my phone that the HAI could detect our proximity (ie, within 500 ft) and turn on lights?  I have an iphone.  Alternatively, I could probably install a driveway sensor, but some of the lighting is along the road that we wanted to illuminate before we enter the driveway. 
Thanks for any thoughts,
There is a thread here where I tested propietary wireless tags and reciever in the house and it worked well and there are no smart phone dependencies on it. 
Today I have the RFID tags in the headliners of the automobiles and they work just fine from a few hundred feet away from the garage.
That said I also utilize wired under the driveway sensors plus some other wired sensors outdoors.
HAIku and SPACE has that feature when running on an iPhone but its currently broken and needs to be fixed.  (See the HAIku area.)