OmniPro II - sending notifications over Ethernet

I am trying to Bridge my OmniPro II with a Fibaro HomeCenter 2.
Can anyone tell me please:
1) what message/string I need to send to the OmniPro II to trigger it to send notifications (e.g. motion detector triggered) of events over the Ethernet port?
2) I assume I send this to the IP address of the OmniPro but do I need to specify a port?   
3) How do I specify the IP address and port where the OmniPro is to send the notifications or does it simply broadcast network wide? 
4) What is the format of the notification?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  


Welcome to Cocoontech @Innervations.
You are the first user to mention using a Fibaro HomeCenter 2 on the forum.
You would most likely have to utilize opensource or paid software which would speak to the Fibaro hub and the OmniPro 2 panel.
Personally I do not know of any open source / paid source of automation software that would speak to the Fibaro HomeCenter 2.
OpenHab, Home Assistant and Homeseer provide mechanisms of connectivity to the OmniPro 2 panels.  
Here is a guide to programming the panel circa 2009
Personally here utilize Homeseer / HAI Omni Panel Plugin.  IE: Homeseer 1 and 2 utilized a serial connection plugin (late 1990's / early 2000's).  Homeseer 3 uses an Ethernet connection plugin.  Homeseer today runs in Windows or Linux.
Utilize Home Assistant and the OmniLinkBridge MQTT plugin.  
Leviton phase out notice.    (2019)
There are many OmniPanel users here on Cocoontech today as the panels were built to last.