Omnipro II with Driveway Sensor 63A00-1 and 64 Zone Receiver 45A00-1


Ok, I have a Omnipro II with a 64 Zone Receiver and Driveway Sensor.  I remember reading somewhere that Leviton was discontinuing these products.  Sure enough, I go to look for a replacement Driveway Sensor (since the delivery truck driver went way off the driveway and took it out!) and can't find them except on EBay.
I searched through a couple of threads and forums, and found some similar products, but wasn't sure if anyone has installed any wireless driveway or exterior sensors; since they discontinued them.  I really don't want to run a wire!  
I'm looking at the STI-34159 Wireless Driveway as they look very similar to the Levitons.  It looks like they can be connected to a 
STI Wireless Page:
Product Literature Link:
Anyone have any experience or suggestions?  I'm thinking my 4-button wireless remotes may be impacted if the wireless receiver ever goes out.  Should I be looking at another receiver or add a secondary GE Logix?