Omnistat 2 and San Diego service provider?


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I'm happy to have found this forum. We purchased a home in North East San Diego County last year. The home was built around 2009 and the original owner put an extensive HAI system throughout (4000 sq. ft.). During this time, there have been a number of times I've woken up in the middle of the night with anxiety about what happens when something fails.

To preface, I know next to nothing about the system, am not too technical, and don't know a single thing about how to access the main computer to program it or make changes. I need to begin researching what it would take to replace the entire system if I cannot find someone with the knowledge to service the system when issues arise.

So that leads me to my first question; Is there anyone near San Diego that has the knowledge and inclination to work on HAI systems any longer?

Next, I have a Lennox Harmony III zoning system. One of the thermostats, Omnistat/2 RC2000 ver. 1.04, part# 65A01-2 (as shown on the board inside) is behaving erratically. The measured temperature on the display rapidly fluctuates back and forth by about 10 degrees from actual. I'd like to replace it. I've been told that a replacement unit needs to be the same specific part#. Can anyone confirm or deny that? So far, I have not found this specific part# (65A01-2) for sale anywhere online. Although I have found other RC-2000's but they have a different internal board layout, and I suspect may not be apples to apples. Any help in this area would be very appreciated. Because of my lack of knowledge and lack of parts, it feels quite precarious (and apologies if this has already been covered).
hi avidtest,

Welcome to CocoonTech! I think the best option would be to call Leviton Support, and select option 8 to talk to their Omni Security department about getting in touch with a licensed installer in you area, plus they can also answer your thermostat question. Just today someone posted on the forums that they're still repairing boards, so I would give that a go first.

Phone: 1-800-824-3005
Option 1: Network Solutions, Connected Home or visit
Network Solutions
Option 2 : Commercial Energy Mgt, Lighting Controls or visit Commercial Lighting Controls
Option 3: Decora Smart
Option 4: Load Centers
Option 5: Residential Wiring Devices, Motion Sensors
Option 6: Sales Inquiry
Option 7: Electric Vehicle Chargers, Whole House Surge Protection
Option 8: Omni Security, Thermostats, Audio
Did you end up talking to Leviton? Wondering if they're still a good resource for this type of questions.
Yes, as a matter of fact, I received an email response within 24 hours and a list of potential service providers in my area:

Alarms Unlimited/Custom Electronics(619) 297-4500[email protected]http://www.alarmsu.comSan Diego
Atss(858) 566-0606[email protected]http://www.atssource.comSan Diego
Home Automation Associates - San Diego CA[email protected]San Diego
American Security Network(619) 992-8832[email protected]http://asninc.usSan Diego
Hy-Lang Electric Calif Inc - San Diego CA(858) 549-8568[email protected] DiegoDealer
Hy-Lang Electric Calif Inc - San Diego CA(858) 549-8568[email protected] DiegoDealer
Hy-Lang Electric Calif Inc - San Diego CA(858) 549-8568 DiegoDealer
American Smart Technologies(858) 952-9538[email protected]San DiegoDealer
Aquaria Media Services, LLC(619) 203-0579www.aquaria.coSan Diego
Tony Hughes Construction(760) 707-8193[email protected]San DiegoDealer
Fahr Electro Mechanic Consulting(858) 344-6388[email protected]San DiegoDealer
JG Tech Services(858) 367-0326[email protected]San Diego
MultiMedia Interiors(619) 296-4664[email protected]San Diego
Buis United Contracting(858) 610-5582[email protected]San Diego
Cable Inc.9092787576[email protected]www.cableinc.comSan Diego
ECA Solutions(619) 721-7091[email protected]San Diego
Hy-Lang Electric Calif Inc - San Diego CA(858) 549-8568[email protected] DiegoDealer
Hy-Lang Electric Calif Inc - San Diego CA(858) 549-8568[email protected] DiegoDealer
ICS, Inc.(858) 573-8600[email protected]San Diego
ICS, Inc.(281) 705-5829[email protected]San Diego
HCI Systems(619) 823-9552[email protected] Diego
Smaart House(408) 660-7999[email protected]San Diego
Eco Electric San Diego(619) 288-3902[email protected]San Diego
Home Theater San Diego(619) 595-1757[email protected]San Diego
Custom Home Technology(919) 247-1997[email protected]San Diego
PH Engineering Corp(858) 997-8717[email protected]