On-demand gaming for Windows MCE


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LAS VEGAS, NV – January 5, 2004 – DiStream, provider of the Game xStream™ online gaming on-demand service, and DISCover® have partnered to create the first PC-based streaming gaming service for Windows Media Center. At CES 2005, Game xStream and DISCover will be demonstrating the new service by streaming top-end; new release games live over the Internet.

The new service will debut on Media Center PCs. The solution integrates Game xStream with DISCover's My Gamesâ„¢ console technology. Within an easy to use 10 ft interface, Media Center owners will have access to Game xStream, the streaming gaming service that provides immediate access to high quality, graphic-intensive games via streaming technology and the DISCover My Games services.

Both programs will work to seamlessly allow gamers with Media Center immediate and easy access to games that would otherwise take a long time to download and play. The players will also have the ability to "Drop n Play" CD or DVD games on their living room big screen television sets via Media Center and DISCover Console technology.

"Game xStream and DISCover together bring the best of both worlds to the living room: CD-based games and streamed games," said Loren Kaiser, Vice President of Business Development of DISC. "Game xStream offers immediate access to games streamed from the net while DISCover offers a console-like experience for retail games."

DISCover Console technology allows gamers to play their favorite PC games with the ease of a standard game console. The gamer simply drops a PC game into the optical drive and the system automatically installs or plays the game - without the gamer having to deal with the hassles of installing and running PC software. Game xStream is the first streaming on-demand service for graphic-intensive video games that also helps eliminate the typical frustration of slow game load times.

"We are excited to join forces with DISCover and its Console Technology to bring streaming gaming to Media Center OEMs and consumers," DiStream CEO Royal O'Brien said. "With our technologies working together, gamers will be able to combine an ease of use and on-demand access with a never-before-seen combination of Media Center, console and streaming PC gaming."