On to other things


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Well Now Playing is now offline.  I have moved on to another simpler solution.  I will detail that when I am done.
If anyone has interest in my Ocelot and ADI modules let me know.  I am going to be selling them.  Also will be selling the following:
M-Audio Delta 410 10 Channel Sound Card
Technics SA-EX140 200Watt RMS Stereo receivers
Shinybow SB-5548 8X8 Matrix Switcher
Various X10 devices like the W800 Receiver, 20 Amp filters and Leviton Couple/Repeater (probably do package deal on all the X1o items
I even have the Advent Windows Tablet that I will sell cheap.
And down the road I will be selling the Elk equipment when I remove it.
I have no problem selling on Ebay but thought I would test the interest here and give this community a chance to maybe get some backup equipment for their setups.
It's been awhile since I posted. Doing ok and still adding to my downsized home automation. A lot of things have changed. Some things us old timers only dreamed about doing it just plain easy now. LOL
hey John, great to see you on the forums again!

Would be interesting to see a new thread about your new setup, especially for us old-timers who were inspired by your setup!