One more cool automation idea


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I just had a cool idea tonight for merging a variety of the drivers to add WAF in a way that actually helps.

We use SageTV for DVR, and many times we turn the plasma off with the Sage UI up and manually turn off the receiver. This means that when we turn the plasma back on and decide to start playing something, we have to minimize Sage, turn on the receiver, then maximize Sage. Of course, this will hopefully be gone as soon as the Sage driver is enhanced, but until then I've added the following triggered event:

- When SageTV begins playing a show (detectable via the IP driver), check to see if the denon is on and set to the right source, right volume, etc. If not, then set it to be. That way we don't to worry about anything, CQC will take care of it.
I use a Logitech 880 remote... when we want to use the MCE 'activity' it will turn on everything and set all the inputs to the correct settings, dim the appropriate lights and goto the right menu on MCE. This is a huge WAF. It does it for any activirt that I have setup like watching DVD, normal TV viewing and MCE PVR viewing. I can never see myself using a touch screen interface for watching MCE or a DVD. I like the feel of a tactile switch in my hand when its dark and I want to pause, ff, ect.

Yeah, i've got an MX850 that is setup to do the same thing (i prefer tactile remotes also). We can also use a bluetooth mouse that we have sitting in that room for show selection.

Our issue is that half the time, we can't find the damn remote through all the dang kids toys in that room, so we end up manually turning the TV on and just using the mouse. It's that 50% of the time that this is meant for.