Opinions of Lifeware

curious dave

New Member
I am looking for integrators who have installed Lifeware. Just wanted to know your opitions of it- ease of installation, vs. other systems, etc.
Having read, participated in and maybe even been a bit hostile in the thread Dean referenced, I can tell you....pack a lunch.
I have installed a couple of Lifeware systems I might be able to answer some question you might have.
Does anybody know how you go (if it is even possible) to purchase Lifeware products when you live in a backwards city like myself in which knowledge of home automation is limited to the clapper?
There are no installers or dealers of any brand down here.
So far, all my HA has been DIY through web vendors.
Alos, unless I am reding it wrong, does Lifeware have any plans to add UPB to their line of controlled devices? Seems like UPB is a pretty big piece of the pie missing in their lineup.