OPNODE project


Hi cocooners!

I'm happy to announce the immediate release of opn-one, our first opnode. opn-one is an embedded home automation network controller with web, xAP , xPL and 1-Wire interfaces. It's intended to work as 1-Wire master and turn the microlan into an intelligent HA network without the need of any PC.

Besides, opn-x10 is almost ready for being beta-tested. opn-x10 is a X10 application for the opn-232 controller. As opn-one, opn-x10 has a web interface, xAP and an event manager. It's really cool to control any X10 light from any 1-Wire push button or switch a X10 binary module based on time or temperature conditions... and all this with no computer working as intermediate interface.

The project is entirely open source and we hope that other developers will be interested in developing new applications for the opnodes. opn-232 is specially open to this kind of developments as the controller can host any application aimed to control a serial device. But the openess of this project doesn't stop here. xAP is an open standard also adopted by other hardware platforms and ported to many HA software solutions so any xAP-enabled system should be able to talk with our opnodes through the LAN.

For further information, please visit: http://www.opnode.org

Additional references:
xAP home automation protocol: http://www.xapautomation.org
xPL home automation protocol: http://wiki.xplproject.org.uk

Thank you very much for letting me post this message on this wonderful board.