Options for a self-monitor wireless system


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I'm currently researching non-cloud based security systems that I can self-monitor from my phone, and I'm struggling to determine which solutions afford iOS notifications on activity (e.g., I want a pop-up when the alarm is tripped).   I'm currently looking hardest at ELK M1, but is eKeypad the only option for iOS control?  And does eKeypad do notifications on activity?   
I'm currently also looking at DSC Powerseries with Envisalink 4.  Does that combo do iOS notifications on activity?   
As for as automation, my only requirement is that the system link with CQC so that various activities can be triggered by security actions.   
I'm only interested in integrating indoor and outdoor motion sensors, and door/window sensors.   All sensors must be wireless.   
Thoughts on those two systems, or any other systems I should be looking at?   


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Elk is a good system, but eKeypad doesn’t have any way to trigger a push notification last I saw (I sold my house with the Elk a year and a half ago). You could work around that by having the Elk send an email to your phone’s text message address - or might be able to figure out another creative way to trigger notification.


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If you already have CQC, it is really easy to set up emails and texts based on changes in Elk alarm states or changes in Elk outputs (phantom outputs or otherwise).  

I use eKeypad if I need to remotely arm/disarm Elk or check which lights are on (see below), but I rely on CQC to tell me when alarm status changes.  I get notifications on alarms, when alarms are cleared, and when alarms are acknowledged.  I also get email/text notifications when the doorbell (an input to the Elk) is rung.  

I also set up a somewhat elaborate set of global actions to turn on and off lights depending on armed status.  Thus, when Armed Away, and depending on the time of day, CQC via either Elk or UPB turns certain lights on for x minutes (e.g. a brief trip to the kitchen), 3x minutes (lunch in the kitchen), or 6x minutes (dinner prep and dinner).  I tried to approximate our living style, but added enough randomness so that everything does not always happen at exactly the same time every day.  All of the lights changes on or off are logged via an email that CQC sends to a dedicated gmail account that I can review at any time, and I have CQC send me a text about a couple of important light changes or motion activity.