Orb Networks Releases Beta for Windows XP


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EMERYVILLE, Calif., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Orb Networks, Inc., a
developer of streaming media software and services, today announced the
availability of a new release of its groundbreaking streaming media software.
This release significantly expands the reach of Orb's current solution to the
millions of Windows® XP operating system customers in the United States.
Orb will be giving live, hands-on demonstrations of Orb Media XP Beta at the
DEMO@15! conference taking place February 13-15 at the Westin Kierland Resort
& Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Orb's breakthrough software and service, made available to Windows XP
Media Center Edition users in January, provides a simple way for consumers to
view, hear and access all kinds of their digital home entertainment from
virtually any Internet-enabled device, from anywhere in the world. Now, with
Orb's beta release for Windows XP, users are able to spontaneously access
their Live TV, music, videos, photos and other digital content located on
their home PC. Orb's intuitive solution simply streams a user's content from
their home PC to the web browser and player on their cell phone, PDA, or
notebook allowing customers to create their own "personal media portal." This
new release can be downloaded now at http://www.orb.com.

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Immediately upon installation, Orb Media XP Beta customers can use any
Internet connected device to view saved videos, digital photos, or listen to
MP3 music files stored on their home PC. In addition, customers may use any
of the Orb-tested TV Tuner cards to stream live TV to their mobile devices,
making TV viewing as easy as pushing a button while at their favorite WiFi
cafe or in the airport waiting for their flight to arrive. Cards that support
Orb's service are from ADS Tech (Instant TV Deluxe PTV-305 PCI), Hauppauge
(WinTV PVR-150, PVR-250 or PVR-350), or AVerMedia (UltraTV Media Center PCI
500 and PCI 550), with many others being tested. Consumers also have the
capabilities to remotely record programs using Orb's DVR function for viewing
at any time on their mobile devices.
"With the release of our Windows XP compatible beta solution, Orb is
making it easier than ever for the major portion of the market to have mobile
access to their digital home media," said Jim Behrens, CEO, Orb Networks.
"The convergence of the computer, internet and home media worlds is taking
place right before our eyes and we all see the infinite possibilities this new
technology provides. Orb has created a simple to use solution for consumers
that enables them to see their favorite TV programs, listen to personal
playlists, and see photos or web info from virtually anywhere, and at any time.
We're extremely excited to offer this new service to the world and what it
means to an ever-evolving digital lifestyle."
The rapid convergence between personal computing and entertainment has
allowed "personal media portals" to become a reality. Consumers no longer
have to be at home to be "connected" to the media they already own and use on
a daily basis. By removing the complexity and limitations of many of today's
digital entertainment products and services, Orb's software architecture
leverages the best features of today's popular standards while abiding by
current digital rights management (DRM) platforms.
Orb Networks' new technology is based upon its elegant, robust and
scalable Orb Architecture. A user simply opens a Web browser on any device,
logs-in and selects what they want to view or hear from their personal library.
Orb's technology takes care of the rest. Orb's technology determines the best
format, codec, bit rate, display capabilities, and network bandwidth available
for a particular cell phone, PDA or laptop to view or hear the content. The
media is streamed securely and directly from the user's home PC to the user's
device to provide fast mobile media access.
To create your own "personal media portal" in a matter of minutes, Orb
Media XP Beta is available for download now at http://www.orb.com. The service will
be available soon through numerous strategic partnerships with content
providers, electronic distributors and consumer electronic companies announced
throughout 2005. The service starts at just $9.99 per month or $79.99 per
year for the first user.

Orb Media Overview
What you need:

-- Home PC. Customers with a home PC running Windows XP or Media Center
Edition can have access to all Orb Media functionality, including live
TV (Windows XP users need TV Tuner card for live TV access).

-- Broadband connection. Anybody with a high-speed Internet connection
can spontaneously access all of their home media on-the-go.

-- An Internet-connected device. With Orb, digital content can be viewed
from virtually all existing browsers and Internet-enabled hardware

How it works:
After installing the Orb software, users need to simply complete the
following tasks:

-- From your web browser select the myORB bookmark on your cell phone,
PDA, laptop or PC, which will connect you to the personalized list of
all your media.

-- Select what you want to view or hear. Remotely access live TV, videos,
music, photos, audio books, newspapers, or program a personal video
recorder (PVR).

-- Enjoy. That's it!

What you can do now:
The wireless industry knows that home media is the next frontier in
digital innovation. Orb Networks extends this rapidly growing industry by
providing the user a "killer application" to access the entertainment they
care about.

-- Live TV. Watch your home TV from anywhere in the world. See your
favorite shows on your cell phone or on a laptop from your hotel room
or while on vacation. Your TV goes where you go.

-- Videos & recorded TV. Enjoy downloaded movies and home videos no
matter where you are. Schedule and record your favorite TV shows on
your PVR and watch them whenever and wherever you want.

-- Music and radio. Listen to your MP3 collection and favorite Internet
radio stations at the gym, in the car, or at the beach. Now you have
one easy interface to listen to all of your music from any cell phone
Web browser, anywhere in the world.

-- Photos. Storing and viewing photos is a snap. Show off all of your
photos, everywhere you go. And, send photos right from your camera
phone to your home photo library. Just point and shoot. Orb does the

-- Web info: weather, news, stocks and more. Anything you want to know
is at your fingertips. Weather, headlines, driving directions. All
you have to do is ask.

-- And so much more. Home security, nanny cam, and much more. Your
digital content goes with you everywhere you go. With the rich and
scalable Orb architecture, the possibilities are limitless.

About Orb Networks, Inc.
Orb Networks delivers powerful mobile services for the fast growing
wireless industry. Orb Networks is the first developer of streaming media
software and services giving people spontaneous access to digital home
media -- any kind, at any time, from any location in the world. The
groundbreaking Orb Architecture allows users to access music, live television,
videos, photos and other digital content from any device that can connect to
the Internet, such as a cell phone, PDA, or notebook. Orb Networks develops,
licenses and markets its services in partnership with leading content
providers/creators, wireless carriers, electronic distributors and consumer
electronic companies. As an active participant in the issues affecting
digital media, Orb Networks is a member of both the Digital Media Association
(DiMA) and the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). Orb Networks is a
privately held company located in Emeryville, Calif. For more information
about Orb Networks, please visit http://www.orb.com .
I am in the middle of writing a review using my MCE machine, this is really cool stuff, especially if you travel. Stay tuned for the review.