Premise OSS project for RadioRA2 and Bond devices

Motorola Premise


Link to Project on GitHub

I have created a project on GitHub for the RadioRA2 and Bond drivers that I have written. The RadioRA2 project is the source for the one I released as a binary a few years ago and is pretty complete. I originally was planning a Bond driver back in January, but I got disheartened by the protocol, as it is very different from other Premise devices that were supported. The Bond device uses a non-persistent connection and uses HTTP requests/responses. I took a look again and decided to use libcurl, which provides good support for these types of APIs. The Bond driver is now working, but is currently only handling ceiling fans. I only have the D1 template style fans, so not sure about the differences between the types. I want to add support for all actions that a device supports, which can be found by querying it, but I have not done that yet.

I was initially hesitant about releasing source, because it needs the Premise HSDK to build, and that is no longer available for download directly. However, I found a way to download it using the Wayback Machine. A link and instructions are provided in the readme.

I am open to putting additional drivers/devices in this repo or to changes to the current ones.
Hi Jim, I still use your wonderfully designed product. I don't use RadioRa, but a more updated interface or anything else you can share would be great (pretty please).