OT: "Latest Discussions" vs "View New Posts"

Being a new User here (and on Invision Power Board), I'm still learning how to do the things I regularly like to do.

I've been refreshing the HOME page and watching "Latest Discussions", but somehow that doesn't seen to be as current as "View New Posts" for finding the Latest/Newest material. Is "Latest Discussions" updated when I press "F5", or only by a local system clock?

Another "newbie" question is the different selection of smilies. I was wondering if it would be possible to change the "mouseover" text from "smilie" to the actual (generally accepted) meaning of the smilie; like :eek: [Shocked], ;) [Wink], :p [Tongue]. For example, what are:
  • :eek:
  • :)
  • ^_^
  • -_-
  • :wub:
Just a "user-friendly" thought... ;)
'View new posts' will return all posts that have been made since you last visited the board, even if the topic is old. The 'Latest discussions' function only displays the 10 'newest' topics.

As for the smiles, that should all be fixed in the next version of CocoonTech.
next version of CocoonTech

Is the timing of the release of Cocoontech 2.0 related to the HS 2.0 release? Seems to me that we are breathlessly wainting for both. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting........... :blink:
Well I do have another full time job, and am the only one working on this :blink: On top of that I have had some other issues going on, and things won't be slowing down for another week or 2.
I had a boss when I was a young Lieutenant who expected things done quickly, here's a typical conversation between us.

Boss: Have you finished project X yet?
Fuda: No sir, I haven't had time to finish it yet.
Boss: Did you sleep last night?
Fuda: Yes sir.
Boss: Then apparently you had the time.

So E, you're spending entirely too much time sleeping :blink:
I do have another full time job
Are you saying running Cocoon is NOT a full time job? :blink:

Don't worry E, I'm just ribbing you. Considering the (lack of) progress on the glossary, I'm a fine one to talk. :blink: If things are quite at the station Friday night, I might actually get some more entries completed.
CocoonTech is more than a full time job, but it doesn't pay, so I can't quit my other job :blink: