other M1exp connection problem!


I try make this thing work but I need help with this,I can find the M1XEP through the ELKRP. However when I try and connect I get to "Connect verifiying system identity" then it hangs for a bit until it shows an error message that says "System did not respond. Connection may have been terminated" after I hit cancel I then get "System returned invaild information".I read pasts posts about this problem but cant' find answer.I can get the EXP with web browser,then ask me for the user code and a window say "system busy",the guys in the chat help me to check if the module are enrolled but only the keypad look enrolled,i think that the EXP can connect to the network but no with the M1G.Any idea?
Make sure you have the baud rate in Global programming set to 115000 baud.

Try a different serial cable between the M1XEP and M1.

Bypass the M1XEP and go directly from the PC to the M1 and try connecting.

If bypassing works, check all the M1XEP setup values and send them to the M1XEP. It takes 2-3 minutes for the M1XEP to restart. Leave port 2101 and 2601 active.

Make sure your router passes port 2601 to the internet if you want outside connections.

Call for technical help if all else fails.