Outdoor Speakers and Winter : Friend or Foe?


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I've got several outdoor speakers made by Russound mounted outside. Just wondering if I should yank 'em down. We just got our first snowfall of the season that actually stuck to the ground here in Wisconsin.

Anyone have good/bad experiences with outdoor speakers and cold weather?
I have some outdoor polk speakers and they hold up exceptionally well.

I was told they didn't have to be removed but I had planned on taking them down last year. For whatever reason I didn't think of it until after a major snow storm (they were actually covered in snow as they are mounted somewhat low on my deck)... in the end they stayed up all season and I found no issues when using them when it got warmer.

Regardless, I have to assume it is better for them if they are taken down for the winter (especially if you won't be using them).

Oh, for the record I am in NY, I think you see more severe weather than I do.

I wouldn't sweat it... my opinion may not count since I live in souther California, but I have lived in cold climates before and had outdoor speakers remain healthy after numerous seasons of cold, snow and ice.

If they aren't protected at all (under an eve) and you don't think you will get any use out of them, pull them down for safe keeping. If they have a little bit of protection and you think you might get a warm day, or even a freezing day where you want to use them... just leave them up.

Thanks guys.

I'd like to keep them up since it's tied into the whole house automation system for when guests come to the door and ring the doorbell.

I've got 6 outdoor speakers and 2 or 3 are pretty far away from the house - or at least far enough that I wouldn't go out and use them in the middle of winter.

Perhaps a compromise of taking some in wouldn't hurt. B)

Thanks again.

I feel much better now that I know you guys will warranty my speakers. :)
what are they made of ??? (most newer speakers are plastic/mylar etc, not very susceptible to water damage, but foam used in the outer ring of the cone might be?)

will they get wet when snow melts ? will/can the water back-up into them or will it drain away ?

just thinking of the freeze/thaw (or worse, semi-thaw) cycle ?

Pete C
I've had Radio Shack outdoor/patio speakers hanging under my bridges for 15-20 years. They have been totally underwater many times during heavy rain when the creek rises. They still sound great as ever. Never replaced one.
Your mileage may vary, of course.