Outside box for volume control



I have a client who want to install outside speakers. His electrician pass a 16-4 speaker wire from the receiver to his patio. He would like to have a volume control outside near the patio.

My problem is that I can't find any weatherproof box (with a cover, idealy a clear one) deep enough. The volume control are almost 3" deep.

MAS Audio volume control

Do you know a place where i could buy deep weatherproof box? Or any other suggestion.

Thank you,

Why not get one of those Niles outdoor weatherproof volume controllers that come with a box & gasket, so you don't have to deal with this?

Mine only cost me something like $90.
I've got tons of options for volume controls (check out speakercraft if you still haven't found anything), what I'm looking for it a WIRELESS speaker control, like my wireless dimmer switch. If it weren't for the impedence matching, I could probably get away with using the former for the latter, but I really do need somethign tha'll take 14x4 input wiring and then run two separate runs out to the speakers and controlling volume to both.

Anyone now of such a critter? I'd prefer z-wave, but can live with IR X10, or pretty much anything at this point.