outside motion sensor not working correctly


ok so i have an x-10 motion sensor (http://www.smarthome.com/4087.HTML) which is set to send n a10 on when tripped and an a10 off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

in homeseer i set up 2 events: outside motion on and outside motion off.

outside motion off has an x10 trigger of A10 on and has the following conditions:
Time is anytime after sunset AND
Time is anytime before sunrise

the action is to turn on 2 outdoor lights. one via insteon and one via x10.
the insteon one has an icon on off switch controlling it directly and it is linked to a button on my insteon keypad linc. so in homeseer i have an insteon group consisting of the keypadlinc button B and the icon on off switch.

the x10 one is a slim socket rocket set to A8.

the action for the outside motion on event is to trigger another event (IR_Outside_on). the IR_Outside_on event is also set to run when a a10 is received but with no conditions. the action is to turn on the insteon group for the icon switch, and to torn on the slim socket rocket (A8 on).

the reason i have the event trigger another event is that i sometimes use my Ir remote with the ir543 to send the a10 on or off and turn on or off the outside lights manually. i don't want any conditions on that command, i want to be able to do it day or night. thats why i have the second event.

ok now for the problem: for some reason the outside motion sensor only sometimes turns on the outside lights when motion is detected at night. and almost never turns them off after the 2 minutes.

and interestingly, it works pretty consistently during the day. every day when i come home for lunch, i pull in the driveway and the lights turn on. and when i go back outside to go back to work, the lights are still on.

i know this is a long post and a lot of details but its a fairly complex setup i guess. can someone please give me some suggestions as to why this is not working correctly?
I believe the problem may be the Time is anytime after sunset AND
Time is anytime before sunrise
Try nighttime instead.
hey rupp - saw your reply over on the homeseer boards. thanks for takign the time to reply in both places. normally i wouldnt post on both boards but after postign on homeseer i remembered cocoontech (i just recently discovered it) and that i usually get a quicker reply here at cocoontech.