Overcoming Obstacles in Basement Theaters


How do you go from a basement of gray concrete to one that houses an eight-seat home theater, plus a bar, pool room, bath and exercise room—all with audio/video systems? The owners of this 4,000-square-foot New England home discovered some of the problems --- as well as the solutions --- involved with building an underground home theater.

There are some very nice shots included with this article. The basement even has a shower -- which has its own in-ceiling, waterproof single-source stereo speaker!
I'm beginning to wonder if the rachelc posts are actually from an ElectronicHouse Spambot :(
Also, doesn't she work for EH? If so I believe her sig needs to reflect it.

Perhaps I'm mistaken, if so then please accept my apology. The problem is that all of these posts seem to be nothing more that ads for EH.

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Agreed that she should have a proper sig but I would argue that her free site is relevant. I chased the link and read it. Not a big HT guy as we don't even have a TV but it was interesting. I took note of the detail of stopping drywall off the floor in the basement.