OWW: solar and humidity readings

I am trying out oww (owwnogui) with a temperature/humidity/solar sensor from Hobby Boards.
At the moment I can read the temperature, the humidity and the solar, but
I cannot get oww to read the humidity and the solar at the same time.
Humidity and solar share the same sensor DS2438, and I guess that this is
the reason for my problems.
Below is my .oww_device file, and depending on if I uncomment the H1 or
the SOL1 I will get values from one of them.
Anyone that knows what I am doing wrong?

offset 0
reverse 0
T1 1E0008014D01E810 1,000000 0,000000
H1 D7000000A8FBCD26 1,000000 0,000000 1,000000 0,000000
#SOL1 D7000000A8FBCD26 1,000000 0,000000
BRA E100000004BBB21F
BRB 7B00000004C0A61F
BRC 7700000004BBBB1F
driver /dev/ttyS0
port 0

# Data sample offset: 3-10us
ds2480samp 10

# Write 1 low time: 5-15us
ds2480write 12

# Test setup
recharge 1
autoalloc 1

It has been pointed out for me that this behavior is as expected:

"The H3-R1-A humidity board is available from Hobby Boards in kit form or assembled. Please note that solar/humidity variants from Hobby Boards may only be assigned to Oww as either a humidity sensor or a solar sensor – not both."

The text is a copy from: oww
There are some examples in Tim Bitson's WeatherToys downloads of solar and humidity classes that allow both to be read at once in SimpleWeather. The SolarSensor class is in Bonus Code|Solar Sensor|Solar Sensor Project|src|simpleweather. The HumiditySensor class is in Source|Chapter 7|Chap 7 Project|src|simpleweather.

I'm hoping you can deduce the principles involved from these examples.

Thanks for the hint.
I am actually running owwnogui twice each time I read my sensor, once for the temperature and humidity and once for the solar value, and this seems to be working ok.