Panasonic BB-HCM331A Camera Power Cord


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I just purchased the Panasonic BB-HCM331A network camera. Great camera - except in low light. My problem - the DC 12-volt power supply has about a 30' cord. I need to mount the camera about 75' from a power source. I purchased a 100' power extension cable. Guess what - the Panasonic has a non-typical connector that plugs into the camera. The extension cable (which works fine on another camera with a typical plug) will not work. I contacted several cable suppliers - no luck. I hate the idea of trying to splice an extension cable. Panasonic charges about $65 for the power supply if I were to get a second one to play around with. Any BB-HCM331A owners out there? What is the best way to run about 75' of power cord?
Split, solder, heatshrink. Not that bad as it sounds, specially if you apply a neat heatshrink on it.
Can you take the power supply to an electronic parts supply store and try to match the plug? Maybe you can buy the parts to make your own extension. Is there a spec anyplace in the manual that tells exactly what the connector is?
The Panasonic power supply is model PQLV202W.
The plug that connects to the camera has a central wire. I have contacted several cable distributors with no luck.