Panasonic BB-HCM331A Camera wiring


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I plan to order the Panasonic BB-HCM331A camera and need to know how it comes with regard to wiring. I plan to purchase bulk 18 AWG cable for the power (not planning to try PoE) and need to know what power connectors are or are not included. I assume it has a standard RJ45 Ethernet connect and I plan to run Cat6E (not much more than Cat5E).
Here is what I know:

Outdoor Use with -4° - 122° F operation, Ipx4 certified for wet weather operation
Remote Pan and Tilt
High-Quality 30fps video
2-Way audio capability
Ethernet connection
Image buffer (expandable using SD Card slot)
Up to 30 user accounts with individual access levels
Built-in Web server and Web page for remote viewing
3 Lux low light sensitivity (up to 0.2 Lux in Color Night View mode)
Dual sensor input with e-mail alerts
Simultaneous viewing by up to 30 users
Multi-image display for up to 12 cameras on one screen
Works with any broadband connection
Does not have to be connected to a PC
Live images can be viewed anywhere you have internet service and a web browser

Whats Included:


AC cord

Setup CD-Rom

Flexible stand (3 pieces) with screws


AC adapter


4 putties

Self-bonding tape

Connector cover

4 screws


Back Connections


Your best bet is to cut the connector off of the power supply (leave yourself enough of a tail to work with) and just splice it onto the end of your 18 ga wire. Splice the power supply onto the feed end of the 18 ga and you are in business.
Does anyone make a power cable with the DC plug already installed? I do not like the idea of splicing the wire near the camera but I guess that may be the only way. How long is the power cord?
Good find! I'm now trying to decide if I want to use the supplied power module or get a battery-backed 12V supply for all the cameras. I'll probably start with the supplied unit but run my wire in a way that makes it easy to switch over later.