Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, et al and Premise?


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Shinyshoes said:
I have done something similar for my Nuvo Grand Concerto Wall Panels.  I wanted to be able to push a button (When on a certain source) and have it trigger a script in premise to read me the weather.  I created a "Source 6 Controller" module from the "Other Serial Device" class.  It still has all the Transport Commands and Play/Pause, Volume, mute, etc.  I then just created an "OnChangePause" event and when somebody pushes the play/pause button, it fires a script.  
Not sure how it looks on the browser interface, as I have not used it to any extent.  Works good as far as having a source to select in the Nuvo Grand Concerto Driver.
I have something fun for you :


Is started to look into the custom menu system in the nuvo protocol, but abandon it until I had at least a 2nd item I wanted to access.  For now, the simple capture of the play push on my source 6 was satisfactory.  Cool implementation though.  If you are willing to share your code, I would be interested in seeing how you implemented this.