Pardon the construction dust ...


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I've started creating more categories, and moving some existing ones around. It may look messy for a while, but once complete, it should make more sense, and should make it easier to find certain topics.

As usual, if you have any questions/suggestions, fire away!
Woops, and just like that, I broke posting without even knowing. Thanks for the reports, everyone should be able to post again (if not, try the report function).
Have a lot more to do, but initial category adjustments are mostly done (some legacy ones still need to be cleaned up), but hopefully it will inspire more conversations, or make it easier to find things.

Just posting here to make sure 1) posting still works and 2) keeping everyone up to date.
More changes have been made, but hopefully it's starting to make sense now. Home Automation and Home Security categories are close to what I was thinking of, but if you think I missed something, please let me know. Other categories/forums still have to be redone.
Try uploading the image again if you don't mind. I've been adjusting some of the security mechanisms, which seem to be extremely prone to false positives lately.

As for the duplicates, if you're talking about anything below 'Home Automation', and 'Home Security', that's expected. I need to finish configuring redirects so renaming things don't affect search results too much, but ran out of steam at 1 AM. Will try to get to this today.
That's how it was yesterday (by design), but I cleaned that up around 1AM this morning (6 hours before your post), so if you're still seeing this, you may be dealing with a caching issue. Can you try a force reload (Control-R) and/or a private browsing window?
As some of you may have noticed, I've been working on a new Resources feature, which will replace the legacy Downloads section, and now adds reviews for home automation hardware as well.

I'm still tweaking these settings based on feedback, but I'm hoping to create a collection of honest reviews by actual product users (looking at you Amazon). Has major potential, but I will need your help!

Feel free to check it out, post a review, and let me know if you run into any errors or have suggestions.