Patch Panel for ELK Data Bus


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I have 5 devices in my data bus that are outside the can: 3 keypads, and two RF receiver/transceiver. I am undergoing an addition and adding a few devices and looking to redo some wiring as it is a bit of a rats nest.

I currently use a M1DBH and it is messy with 5 think/stiff CAT6 cables with a large bend radius plugged into the M1DBH. I was trying to think of a better way especially if I am adding another keypad.

I was thinking of using a small 6-8 port patch panel and then using short patch cables to connect it to the M1DBH. Is this a good idea?

Any other suggestions?
I use a Leviton quick port patch panel. Keeps the stress off of the M1DBH, so yes a patch panel is not a bad idea.