PC Access defaulting to OneDrive


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I'm in the process of replacing my older Windows 10 desktop, with a new Windows 10 desktop.  When installing PC Access 3 (version both PC Access and Automation Studio place files on OneDrive.  During the set-up process I designate where I want the data files to be (not OneDrive) and the install keeps creating a HAL directory, and placing the _cfl, _download, _onbf, _ot7f directories, PCA01.CFG file, and the two ZipCode files on the OneDrive folder.
I've tried deleting OneDrive, removing all of the folders, and the PC Access and Automation Studio install programs recreate the OneDrive directory.
Has anyone else run into this issue?  Is there a way to correct this?
That said the Windows 10-11 One drive sync setting are configured to default on your new computer to sync up with One Drive.
Change the default settings.  
I have not run in to that issue with Windows 2016 server which runs 24/7 and only RDP to it via my Linux computers.
Hi Cocoonut,
Thanks for the reply.
First, a correction: I'm replacing my old Windows 10 desktop, with a new Windows 11 desktop.
As far as I can tell, I have changed the Windows default folders to place documents, photos, etc., on the D: drive.
I've also disabled OneDrive, and as far as I can find, and all of the file sync'ing.
I made sure no HAI folder exists in the OneDrive folder on my desktop
Yet, when I load PC Access 3 (version both PC Access and Automation Studio place files on OneDrive in a HAI folder.
I cannot find how to redirect either app to place all files on the D: drive, under a folder I designate.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Hello Dan,
Automation Studio place files on OneDrive in a HAI folder.
OneDrive will sync by default all of your documents folder where HAI stores configuration files.
IE: PCA and Automation Studio stores its stuff under documents\hai\.....
You can change the sync of MS OneDrive to your computer to specific directories.  It is a bit more buried in Windows 11 than Windows 10 but it is still there.
I am not sure that you can change the default save folders (D drive)...you can just load or save as in those directories.  It should resume to get the stuff from your D drive but have noticed that even with updates to PCA it does the same.