PC Access Version Dual Release


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PC Access Version (2/January/2018) Release Notes

- Updates for Windows 10 security changes.


Also, for those downloading the January 1 2018, PC Access 3.17 Update, that version seemed to have an old version of release notes included.  Next day, a new version of PC Access 3.17 with up-to-date release notes was released.  I did not check to see if there were for functional changes in the two versions of PC Access but for those that downloaded early, you may want to check your version.

Since there were no real updates, updating is not necessary unless running Windows 10.

There was also a v1.17 firmware released for the OT7 at the same time as 3.17 of PC Access but Leviton failed to update the release notes with any indication of "what" is included with the Omnitouch 7 release


Thank you StarTrekDoors.
Updated my Windows server (use RDP to configure UPB and HAI stuff) with current software.  No problems here.