PC Audio Remote control


I have ended up with a lot of music on my itunes and have been listening to it on a PC a lot of the time. Is there a way to control it with a remote? Volume? Time On-Off? Thanks. CDC
Hi, CDC. Got Bluetooth?

I use stereo headphones, made by BlueAnt. Besides providing stereo through bluetooth's advanced audio profile, the headphones also contain the remote-control and telephone-headset profiles. This means that, through buttons on the headset, I can:

Start and stop WinAmp,
Raise and lower the volume,
Skip forward and backward in the playlist, and
switch to the headset profile and answer the phone with one click.

When I want to use the speakers, This remote does the same thing as the buttons on the headset, and besides controlling WinAmp, also works with PowerDVD to navigate the DVD menus.

Devices supporting the Bluetooth remote-control profile are meant to work with any program that support Global-Hot-Keys or understand Bluetooth.
CDC, an automation package like MainLobby / MusicLobby3 can do what you want, but that is a lot of "stuff" to accomplish what you are trying to do. So, consider that a "deluxe" answer to your question.
I have no personal experience with this device, but it looks like it would be a cheap and easy solution...


There are several other options available to you that require a separate software application plus an IR receiver. I use a USB-UIRT and girder. If you are using MCE you can try http://www.mcetunes.com/.

There are many front-end packages out there that will allow you to control itunes with a 10-foot interface (ie. on your tv), if that is something that interests you.
CDC, J. River Media Center works with iTunes downloaded songs and supports more advanced playlists and such than anything I've seen. It supports multiple zones of music playing simultaneously (or sync'd). It has native support for a number of remote controls and supports external control by things like CQC and MainLobby. It IS the back-end for MainLobby - the package DavidL mentions above - so you'd need to consider it as well as Music Lobby / Main Lobby at this point. I don't know if it's the only back-end for CQC.

I have about 20,000 tracks in it. Most are ripped from CDs in APE or FLAC lossless formats, though I have used it for AAC and MP3 and WAV/CUE files as well.

There are also many users who use it as their sole front- and back-end for music.