PC fan controller


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Take control of as many as 8 internal fans while carefully monitoring case temperatures with the Theta Fan Controller. It mounts in an expansion slot in your case and connects to your system via USB. Its included software allows you to program precise fan response using input from 8 included thermal monitors that you can deploy anywhere in your case. Includes USB cable, 8 thermal sensors, adhesive tabs and software on CD-ROM. Requires a PCI slot for mounting and 3-pin fan monitor cables.

Product Features
• Manual or automatic fan control

• Overheat alarm

• 8 output channels (10W max ea.)

• Can also control 12V lights

Looks like it could be used outside of the PC, it only needs a USB connection and 12V DC (for the fans/lights).

I'm sure that someone could make a multizone thermostat from one of these!