PC iPod Interface


Hello, do you know if there is a windows interface of software which can control you iPod?
The idea is to leave your ipod next to your receiver in a dock and having a software to control it over a PC using a touch screen or PDA (if there is a software for doing it)

Any ideas?
marteken ,
I'm not sure about PC control of the iPod itself but HomeSeer has an iTunes plugin that will interface with the iTunes software which should be the same songs and play lists on your iPod.
Cinemar will soon release it's iPort plugin.
The iPort is the top dog in iPod docking stations.
Not cheap, but one of the best.

The MLIPod plugin currently supports the iPort by Sonance:



Cinemar's UI design allows user complete design control over the interface. You even decide how many rows of data are displayed.

This will work with their desktop as well as inwall version of iPort.

The second image demonstrates MainLobby's new Sliding Menus.
DavidL said:
The iPort is the top dog in iPod docking stations.
Not cheap, but one of the best.
I'm not sure what makes something the "Top Dog" but after using the Russound Ibridge dock for months now with the CQC RNET plugin I'd have to say they are one in the same..simply docks that allow another program to communicate with them.

BTW the CQC RNET driver as of today provides all the basic commands as well as two way feedback and will be expanded shortly so that it can emulate the Russound TS2 touchscreen and it will have all the same features.
DavidL said:
Balanced Audio and Video?
From an Ipod..sheesh, at least if they wanna claim balanced audio you think they'd offer some meaty XLR connections instead of cheapo RCA's and maybe offer a power cord the size of a garden hose with a review from Stereophile claiming its the best the world has seen and "Were buying one for our home" ;)
Thank you for your answers. So basicaly what I need is an iPod dock with a serial interface and on the other side a software like CQC or Cinemar with a plugin or driver to control the dock, right?
Are there any other products like iPort and Russound docks?

On the other end of the spectrum, Ripper, did you ever get Mitch's cable to integrate with anything?