PCS confirms commitment to UPB in HAI environment

I know there has been some talk about UPB/HAI recently, so I thought I'd share this newsletter PCS just sent out.

PCS is continues to provide UPB products and support HAI UPB lighting control devices. PCS makes all the UPB products necessary for any OMNI installation and used to manufacture the HAI/Leviton versions of the PCS SPR and TPR repeaters, wall switch dimmers, and the new modern looking keypads.
To help the OMNI installers maintain their existing installations we have the following suggestions...
1. It has always been possible to use PulseWorx products with the OMNI. It has always been a simple matter to use PulseWorx devices with the OMNI and we have several technical notes on this: #200, #201, #202, and #203.

2. If you have an installation that uses UPB devices in HLC mode, a tool that modifies a PulseWorx device in a way that allows the OMNI software to recognize it and program it in HLC mode. HAIme - it is free for download from here.

3. UPB devices have many more capabilities than the OMNI exposed. We are continuing to provide technical notes, and improvements to UPStart - the UPB configuration program (Software download page).

4. We have an online web-store for purchasing PulseWorx devices and HAI compatible devices. This gives you a quick way to get the products you need. It's available 24/7, and for orders placed during working hours, shipment is typically made the same day or next business day.
PCS continues to support for HAI compatible UPB devices