PCS introduces IPC product line


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PCS, a Northridge, CA based manufacturer of lighting control products has introduced a patented retrofitable lighting control technology for industrial and commercial applications called IPC. Based on PCS’s award-winning UPB technology, used extensively in residential applications, IPC has been developed specifically for high noise, high attenuation environments.

“IPC is unique because it uses the existing power lines as the medium to remotely command lighting fixtures on, off, or to light levels in between†explains Stan Mann, PCS VP and Director of New Business Development and Licensing. “This represents the first successful retrofitable lighting control solution in the industrial/commercial environment.â€

Without new wires being run to the lighting fixtures, IPC provides remote control of almost unlimited numbers and types of lighting fixtures. Fixtures can be grouped into discreet lighting zones (937,500 maximum), with up to 3,750 fixtures per lighting zone. Each lighting fixture can belong to as many as 16 lighting zones. Lighting zones can include any fixture in the building regardless of the fixture’s physical location, phase, circuit, or panel it is connected to. IPC allows for the lighting zones to be programmed remotely from a computer without physically accessing the fixtures or rewiring. Each zone can be commanded to have all, half, one quarter or none of the fixtures turned on to maximize energy savings. This is equivalent to the entire lighting zone being set to high, medium, low, or off. All fixtures can be tested for communication and operation remotely through a computer without physically accessing any fixture.

IPC is currently in beta testing and will be available exclusively through PCS’s manufacturing division in the fourth quarter of 2005. For more information on beta testing participation or to receive a free white paper on IPC (click here), please visit www.pcslighting.com or call 818-701-9831.