PCWorld.com: TV Time Shifters


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PCWorld.com published a 9 page article, comparing several DVR's and a Windows Media Center based system. The article mentions they had a lot of problems with Media Center, but since plenty of people don't have any problems, I assume it's just a fluke. These are the items they reviewed:
  • DirecTV DVR With TiVo
  • DVR From Comcast
  • TiVo Series2 DVR
  • Lite-On LVW-5045
  • Dell Dimension XPS Gen 5 With Windows Media Center
  • Moxi: Set-Top DVR Cable Box on Steroids
  • Slingbox: Move Your Content Around
  • Orb: The Free Way to Share Media
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The guy had been using Tivo for so long that it was impossible to even begin to consider it objective. I'm sure Tivo loved the review!