Pentium Process Temp


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I recently replaced the mobo in my HA server. Old board was a Soyo new one is Asus. I use SpeedFan to monitor temps and what not. The Soyo board reported the temp of the processor at 35C during idle and the new board reports 50C. It is a Pentium 4 2.0GHz processor. Nothing else has changed.

Is this something that I should be concerned about? At what temp should I get concerned?

From, 64°C - 78°C would be the max.

The Intel Pentium 4 has a great reliability reserve as there is catastrophic overheating protection and Thermal Monitor support. But optimal reliability/performance ratio for Pentium 4 based systems requires the most effective cooling means.

From Intel data sheets, max temps are 74-76°C (depends on number of pins; there are two versions).

The second post here looks interesting...


"Normal" operating temperature is 60 to 80 degrees celsius. Only when the CPU temperture exceeds that range dramatically should you worry... but that is only if you are using an add-on temperature monitor... not software. The FREE temperature monitoring software is very unreliable. We consistently see software temperature monitors off by 35 percent or more. Temperature scares are merely a way to sell products.
Thanks for the links Tony. very informative. I will monitor the temps over a longer period of time to make a better determination as to whether I need more cooling or not.