Pepper Pad 3 Webpad


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I came across this Webpad on another chat forum. The manuf. web site looks cool but isn't very informative. Amazon has more information in the product description.

Has anyone tried one of these?

upstatemike said:
Rechargeable or just batteries? Can it run something like MainLobby? Is it a touch screen?
From the Amazon product page:
The Pepper Pad 3 sports a 7-inch color display with touch screen for beautiful photos, videos and Web pages.....Lastly, rechargeable lithium batteries and smart power management technologies give you long battery life, while the embedded AMD LX800 processor and optimized Linux-based operating system offer zippy performance.


Here is a more complete description from Amazon:

Product Description
Meet the Pepper Pad 3, Web player Introducing the newest member of the Pepper Web player family. The sleek new Pepper Pad 3 includes all the award-winning features of the original Pepper Pad plus three times faster Web browsing, enhanced video performance, faster Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, longer battery life and a built-in video camera. All this in a smaller, less expensive design that makes it even easier to carry and use, at home or on the go. Right out of the box consumers can instantly, easily and wirelessly access the Internet and their home network to enjoy the richness of the Web and personal communications including e-mail and IM. Because the Pepper Pad has both built-in Wi-Fi and a disk, consumers can stream and download their favorite music, videos and photos and take them around the house or wherever they travel. The Pepper Pad 3 offers a far richer viewing experience than small-screen PDAs or mobile phones and much less maintenance than a complex laptop. The infrared and UPnP capabilities allow consumers to easily control and access any number of PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, CD players, and other A/V devices. At 2 lbs. and less than 0.9" thick, the rugged and splash-resistant, handheld Pepper Pad is perfect for the family room couch, kitchen counter, bedside table, coffee shop or just about anywhere.
Actually it will work with a "special" version of MainLobby (that runs on Linux). Flash is cross platform. And no, that version is not yet available, and no date in mind.
It will run the Linux verson of FireFox, so most HA systems with a web interface would be controllable. In one example I read, the Pepper Pad 3 was accessing Indigo for OS X via the web interface.

One feature that interests me is IR control of TVs and such. I could see one of these being very useful in a Home Theater, much like an MX3000 but with many more capabilities. I just wish there was more information on this device. I'm not sure I am willing to gamble $700.