Periodic Test Signals


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Please help, I'm having a senior moment. I can no longer find the screen in ELKRP that gives you the ability to send a periodic test signal to the CS every XX days at XX time. I've had it before and can't for the life of me find it now. I'm using ELKRP 1.68 and Firmware 4.4.2.
Thanks, that's where it was hiding, please tell me it wasn't that obvious. Now you did so good with that, here's another one for you. I am missing some switch somewhere that will not allow me to send a manual test signal to the CS using the keypad. Amy from ELK walked me through it before but I reinstalled the panel and had to change user accounts. Panel works fine, no phone fault, I just can't send a manual test to the CS because I don't have one parameter correct. Standing by.
I did that and I even cleared pending dialer reports and it still didn't send a test signal. Somewhere there is a box that isn't checked that has to be checked to send test signals.
You have to have the telephone number enabled to send test signals. I think it is Global System Events in the telephone number, but look in the manual for sure. Then you have to have the Test Reporting Code Enabled in the Communicator section.
It was the Automatic Test Reporting Code that wasn't checked. So many options so little brain cells. Thanks Steve & Spanky you're the best.