Perl 1-wire software


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I just ordered a hub and a couple sensors from HB to start playing around with a simple 1-wire weather station.

I have been hunting around for some simple Perl programs that can interface with the 1-wire stuff.

I found mister home but it's way more than I need or want to use. I suppose I could wade through all the mister home files and try and figure it out but that would be a big task.

Anyone know of any simple Perl programs that can read 1-wire sensors?

Thanks, no, I am running Win XP.

I write apps in Perl for Win32.
Was looking for a SDK for the 1-wire or a Perl example.

Was at all the links on the HB site, no good.

Mister house is written in Perl, not sure if it is able to communicate with 1-wire sensors or not. Must be 200 perl programs inside the mister home zip package.
I don't know of any other Perl 1-Wire programs but I have heard that Misterhouse can do 1-Wire so you may want to dig around and see if you can find anything useful in Misterhouse.