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Ok, I just purchased a subscription to a pretty kewl little mapping utility from Bravenet for my HomeSeer site. Was like $19 a year, and removes their ad's. It allows you to place a push-pin on the map to show where you are visiting from.

It would be great to get a lot of you guys to stop by and "mark the map". So if you get a second, please stop by and make your mark ;)

The site is at:

Just follow the "My Homeseer" link on the left, and then on the HS site main menu, click "Guest Map" (NOTE: Make sure you zoom way in on the map to place the pin accurately.)

It's kinda neat, let me know what you think of the site, either in the guestbook or here.!
What type of content do you have on your site that is causing my work to block it out and not allow me to visit it ;)
Dead from here as well. When I select your "My Home Seer" link I get redirected to http://%20html%20public/
No go here also.

I am familiar with that Bravenet tool. It is pretty nice.

One of my sites had a visitor from England, sent me a sarcastic email that the map didn't include the UK ;)

John, hope you get your link straightned out, I'll be glad to post.

BTW, I love what you did with the moon phases, it is really nice.
Sorry guys! decided to change the format of the page I was scraping to get my Internet IP address from. I have patched it back together now.

If it fails again, you can look at the source of the redirect page (gotta be quick ;) ) and get the IP address from in there. It was there, but a few tabs and such broke it up so it wouldnt work.

EDIT: I just rewrote the parser to use the internal web page in my DSL modem. I doubt that will change any time soon!!! :)
Now you tell me! hahahha I just spent 45 minutes writing code to parse my DSL modem. I dont know why I didnt think of a simple ASP page to show the IP address like you did! Argh. Oh well, it works now, and I don't see it breaking anytime in the near future.
Now I get:

The Web site you are looking for is unavailable due to its identification configuration settings.
JohnBulard, Not sure why you couldnt post to the map... I have quite a few entries on there now. I have put instructions on the page on how to post to it.

The IP re-directing seems to be all fixed now at least ;) Sorry again for the problems with that!