Pet Friendly Motion Sensor Suggestions


Hey guys

I need some suggestions for a good PET FRIENDLY up to 85 or 100 lbs motion sensors. I am putting them in every room to trigger events and for security. So I'd love to hear what people like and don't like.

Thanks for the link

I looked at that link but there were no real conclusions. Just wondering if any one else has found any brands that worked well.
Well how did it go?

Yup no brackets but thats more by choice then anything else, honestly I have never put a motion on a bracket. If I did it would be a panavise though. ;)
I have four of them sitting in stock. It's a special project and isn't completed yet. But I did take your advice and purchased them. Thanks.
Thats cool, I also use them as they can be setup ultra sensitive yet never false if no pets.

The other part# IIRC DT-4750 has a 50' range as opposed to the DT-4735 35' range, otherwise they are the same.