Philips 32PS60B TV, Ocelot & discrete codes


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Does anyone know where I can find discrete codes for this model? I tried all my usual sites, but no luck.

On top of that, it looks like it uses the strange RC5 protocol, so when I learn the commands with my ocelot, it looks like it can't repeat the same command. The only thing I could find about this issue was that it might be parity bit related. Is there a way of dealing with this or should I send out dummy commands between each real command? Thanks!
RC5 uses a "toggle" bit that alternates between button presses, so that the receiver can distinguish between an interrupted button press (eg. someone getting in the way) and a seperate button press. You could technically learn both codes in the Ocelot and use program logic to use the alternate code every time a command is sent, but this will not work very well if you also use the hand held remote, since the Ocelot will become out of sync with the alternates.
Thanks Guy, this TV is a disaster, it keeps shutting itself off if it hasn't been on for a while, so I have to send a bunch of commands to keep the TV 'alive' until it warms up. I got that part working (part of the follow-me-tv scenario), but doesn't look like I will be doing anything else with for the reasons you mentioned.