Philips Pronto Pro NG new software and firmware ve


Hi people

Philips has already released a new software and firmware version of this amazing device. Take a look and have fun !!!!

Roberto - iHome
Thanks! When I get home from NYC, one of the first things I need to do is upgrade! I bet by then Homeseer 2.0 Beta will be public too... ;)
Maybe its me, but to spend this kind of money on a remote is crazy. You could buy a complete computer system with a flat screen display for that kind of money.

May I'm cheap. ;) ;) B)
Or you can buy both :p ... My Pronto controls everything in the house from the comfort of the home theater. I have a TSU-1000 (1st generation Monochrome) to control things from the living room.

To each their own.
I have a Laptop in my media room. I use a MYTV USB IR blaster with IRCommand2 software. Total cost for blaster and software $70. I can control everything from my PC. Very flexible software. I can recreate all my remotes exactly. Any feature, macros galore, Master control panel lets me put most used functions from several remotes on one screen.

Tcassie- That's Great! However, I don't recommend updating the laptop with the latest firmware for the pronto.
I have worked for some weeks and so far the new PPENG and the new firmware 3.7.7 are working great !! Try it if you haven´t yet.