Phone access code ELK M1 GOLD


Can someone help - I have my ELK M1 GOLD accessing the phone line via a VOIP provider - the VOIP adapter is the ubiquitous Linksys PAP2 - it's configuration can be done via phone by pressing "****" (4 *) - thus, it's overiding the ELK's ability to steal my *** to use the phone to access the alarm panel.

Is there a way to change the ELK's access keypress? Is there a way to disable the Linksys' **** ? It works when I call in from an outside line and press *** because at that point, the linksys can't steal the ***

Hmm if it was VOIP -> Elk -> Inside phones, wouldn't the elk get it before the vonage device could take over?

I would presume another device (not the Pap 2, perhaps the router, or the service of your local cable company) might solve your issue.

If it is of any value, I originally had one of those PAP2 devices and vonage service and eventually wound up switching to the cable companies phone service. Vonage was pretty good, but the cable company's solution has been essentially flawless.
actually, you guys are right - I forgot to enable phone access. ooops.. beginner's mistake. ELK does seize the *** before the PAP2 gets to it and all is working.

Incidentally, I am completely amazed at how quickly I was able to get everything up and running with the ELK. This is my first alarm system install ever and it couldn't have been more straight forward. Very happy with the purchase.