Phone line TIP/RING voltage?


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Before I send my ELK control back due to the dialer not working, what is the voltage reading I should get between TIP and RING from the phone company?
The nominal voltage should be 48 volts dc (with all phones on-hook). With one phone off hook, it should drop to around 6 volts or so.
I am getting between 42.5 and 45 volts across the TIP/RING terminals in the phone company demark box. Could this be the reason my ELK M1G will not dial out. My home phones work fine.
Your phoneline voltage measurements are typical, so not likely to be the problem with dialing out. You also get dialtone when you take you house phone off hook so the phone company is happy with your line conditions.
While you are there, verify your polarity. Tip should be positive and Ring negative. Tip is also your ground because phone lines are positive ground circuits.
What does user menu 8,6,4, "Last On Hook Voltage" say? If it has around 48 volts it may not be the control hardware.
I connected the RJ31X directly to the Elk eliminating the RJ45 plug/cable. Problem solved. Bad RJ45 plug/cable? I went by the RJ31X RJ45 cable color description on page 7 of the installation manual. I assume that is correct. Elk dialer now working fine.