Phone silencer circuit


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I was looking around for a phone/ring silencer circuit, and after finding many complicated circuits, I found this one: (entry #5)

Is there any reason why I shouldn't be using this? What do I have to change so I can control this with my SECU16 (I assume a different relay)? If there is a more dummy proof diagram out there, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
Someone on the Appdig board is trying out that circuit. He says it works but appears to interfere with his DSL internet access. I suggested that he add one diode in series with each exisitng diode, to increase the forward bias voltage before the diodes start to conduct. I haven't heard back from him yet.

For a SECU16 output: you would need to use the output to control a DPDT relay as shown in the circuit. You can use pretty well any small relay to do this. You'll need a power source for the relay coil, but that can be shared with another device already using the same power supply. A relay with a !2vdc coil should be easy to find.