Photos of bad DIY jobs

The great thing about the first picture is that the homeowner thought there was enough room there to add a plug-in air freshener!
Hey... I want IN on this... :blink:


NOTE: This has been redone 3 times since... and it still looks like a nightmare...
Now there are twice as many wires...
I like Ski's metal clip that prevents the wires from falling down and getting in his way. At least it is a start!
Steve said:
Ski, Perhaps you need some of this.
I start like that... the problem is I am ALWAYS changing stuff... Now the problem has been compounded by having 4 runnning machines. Since those photo's I now have the machines on a stainless steel roll around, with most of the video and network stuff on the wall. It looked great when I first did it... now it looks a lot likke the other photo.. :blink:

Yes, I know what you mean. My install went like this.

Install a Caddx Security System (this was before the Elk was born).
Then later, install my Ocelot and SECU16I module.
Add a RLY8-XA relay output module to the Ocelot.
Hmm, I can control my garage door now that I have that relay module. Wire up a remote.
Hey, I want to monitor my garage door's position. Install an analog to digital converter.
Well, might as well get the NetCaller ID going.
Oops, ran out of serial ports, have to get an edgeport 8 expander.
Hey, I want to monitor my front door, get a camera and wire that in.
Might as well monitor the back door also.
OH, oh, need an additional 12 volt power supply. Get that installed.
Hey, I want to have my Ocelot talk to my Caddx, get a Caddx output module.

Well, you can imagine what my wiring closet looks like now with all those "add-ons".

In contrast on my friend's install, we made provisions in the wiring and closet to add all of those features (and more) for the future (his closet looks a LOT better than mine :blink: ). I guess it's always that second install where you get things looking good...
I have personally witnessed a rat fried in an electric panel. It is a sight I wish I had never actually seen in person.

I took this picture of my neighbor's house exterior. They had Christmas lights "professionally" installed.

Yes, this is an outdoor installation. Note the white large extension exclusively made for "interior use only"! ;)

I realize Las Vegas doesn't get a lot of rain, but wow, hope they didn't pay to much for that install! :eek:


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Ah who doesn't do that ;) But if this was a professional install, then that's pretty disappointing.
all those pictures reminded me of reasons that when I get a house I'll either build it myself, or contract it myself, and watch the process like a hawk. Folks will cut corners wherever they can if you don't watch what they do and threaten to put your foot up their ass whenever they do something out of line.
The only thing worse than a bad DIY job, is a bad PRO job!

Here's a couple snapshots of a job I parachuted in to straighten out. It's a large home with over 150 Leviton DHC (X10) Dimmers and controllers, Elk M1, structured wiring, etc. After 2yrs the construction is nearing completion and the electrician that started the job got in over his head an bailed out.

Before Pictures (I'll try to post some pics once complete):