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Pics: Closets, Racks, Stands, Mounting Hardware


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Showcase your Closets, Racks, Stands, Mounting Hardware, Wiring, etc here...

If you have pics, post 'em...
If you don't: Take 'em ... and post em ;)

Whatcha got?

I've seen a bunch of great pics, but never in one place ...

If you already have 'em posted somewhere... ... got link?


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I am looking for an attractive (or semi attractive or WAF approved...) way to handle multiple computers. I one point I thought I saw a furniture grade 19" rack, but now I cannot find it. Since my computers are not in rack cases, I am most interested in something that works for regular PC cases. Has anybody found an A/V rack that works good for 3-4 computers?

Edit: this is for a home office environment, rather than a living room. Small cases might be an option in the future, but I don't want to re-case my existing stuff.


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Best way is to hide them somewhere out of sight and sound. Use RDP or other to adminstrate them from a desktop PC.

Other choices:
If have to be visible, use an HTPC chassis. Works for all but for media servers with lots o hard drives.

Rack mount chassis (which you already mentioned).

Rack mount shelves with PCs on top of shelves and a door (ventilation issue).

In my install I have a wiring closet (pics to follow soon) where I have my HS / media server in the closet (out of general sight, but easy to get at). I have a water cooled HTPC in a component looking case that is in my theater equipment rack (shelves, not racks). My desktop PC is in a cabinet built into my desk. I have heat issues here and will watercool sometime this month to kill the stored heat problem and noise.