Ping Cocoontech

I believe electron does this to prevent DOS (denial of service) attacks. A lot of your major sites do this also (try pinging or!

Its nice that our forum administrator is also a network security expert! ;)
I think you are incorrect Horseman....

If that were the case, then why can you ping:
The Whitehouse

Are they security careless?

This seems to be an issue with HOSTPC as well....
Skibum said:
I think you are incorrect Horseman....
Maybe true Ski, thats why I said "I believe" (I'm not an expert, I just play one on Cocoontech). Lets see what electron says when he gets on today.
Would you want to get out of bed to only face 3 feet of snow every frigging day. Dan stay there as long as you can. ;)

Maybe he needs to develop a get-outa-bed device to go along with the car starter and that ACME mouse trap.
you guys are funny! Looks like HostPC is blocking pings, which is acceptable, I do the same thing with all my servers. Major sites like Yahoo etc. usually services such as Akamai etc, so they don't control the policies in place.
yes and no, the firewall still has to process (drop) the packets, but the system will appear to be 'invisible' to regular script kiddies, so they usually will move on to the next target. It also makes OS fingerprinting a 'tad' harder.
so how would you set this up? I have someone (maybe plural) constantly scanning the ports on my remote system. Is there a downside to this? For instance, does it preclude using remote control at all?
If you are running a router, there should be an option there.

.....and....I dunno about the wisdom of making a website not pingable. A personal machine, yes, but a domain.... well....I dunno.... ;)
I have my router set not to respond to pings. Helps keep the hackers from finding you with their scanning software. I can still reach my HS from work so no problems with remote control.

Just for grins, here is a snapshot of the Linksys firewall/router settings that a lot of our users have.


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