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PitterPat from Indy


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New here (of course).  I found this site from a google search for "what is rgsqs" because I am looking to wire my house  (all rooms) with in wall coax (I'll explain later).  I am the daughter of a man of the Depression (my dad was older (35) when I was born), I am over 50, but I learned how to do a lot of stuff from watching my dad (automotive work), reading, watching videos or somebody else do it.  I have also owned a bathroom remodeling company that I morphed from a "HandyWOMAN" business. I have lived in Indianapolis, Indian for almost 30 years, grew up in Columbus, OH and graduated from Purdue University.
My interests are many, computers, cars (VW's) technology, remodeling and building stuff and many more.  As I said I found this site when I googled "RG6qs", I was reading on the AVS forum and the term came up.  I am planning to wire my 50's era house with in wall coax, ethernet and whatever else will bring this house up to date and the future.  I do have an open ceilinged basement so access will be very easy.  I'm also wanting to build an entire network to be housed in the basement.  I son't want to start wrong then have to re-do a lot of work or buy equipment that I don't need.
Now I have just the regular Comcast (I hate) internet hookup with a Netgear WNDR3800 router.  I just have the Comcast basic TV package.....because I will go with DISH later. I have a number of computers and stuff that I will want to network and an detached garage (80 ft from house) that I will want to have computer access too.
I'm on some other forums with different types of interest, AVS forum, Garage forum, Tile forum, etc.
Thanks for reading,


Welcome to the forum Pat!
Lots of friendly folks here and many guides to LV wiring your home (LV=Low voltage).
Its a bit more difficult to post LV wire you home; easy though.
I have an unfinished attic and basement.
I created one chase from the basement to the attic wiring the 2nd floor and used the basement to wire the first floor.
I added LV wires post build for TV (coaxial), network, alarm and audio....a bit at a time over the years.
Make a plan on what you want to do relating to your stuff.  Read up on the guides presented here on Cocoontech.


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I'm curious about your comments on Comcast - I know their customer service is deplorable but the service they provide (internet at least) is pretty top-notch.  I haven't dealt with Dish - I use DirecTV (over Comcast in the past)... but just a word of warning - avoid the dish bundles with uverse - that's a clear case of one of the worst products available marketed to the masses who just don't know better.  
You'll find that wiring the house is pretty easy if you can get to the key walls - and an open basement sure makes life easy.  Some Cat5/6 to the key spots and coax and you'll be able to handle everything.  We're of course always here if you have questions as you dig in.