Play music from PC to HT?


Is there a wireless solution to listen to my PC music on my HT system? How reliable is this system? I would rather do this then run a cable from one to the other.
There are two ways to do it. Take the mid-fi sound from your sound card and send it through a wireless audio link to your HT system OR stream the the music digitally via a standard wireless network to a Hi-Fi wireless music player such as a SqueezeBox.
maybe three ways ;) . . .

go FM . . . there are various grades of FM transmitters . . .

. . . inexpensive one here (you can get much better deals on eBay for this or similar)

. . . or higher end stuff here

. . . as a bonus, you also get to use a boombox on the deck and/or a walkman doing yardwork . . .

Pete C

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pete said:
maybe three ways ;) . . .

go FM . . .
I still like this idea from when we were brain storming whole-house audio strategies. Putting each source on a fifferent FM station would let you enjoy your music form every stereo, boombox, and clock radio in the house.

My only problem was I couldn't figure a good way to incorporate HA messages. If somebody changed from an internal station in favor of a regular broadcast, they would be out of reach of program interrupts for important announcements.

Might be perfect for this application though!
Not sure what you use for your music server but I use iTunes and an Airport Express. The sound is very good and it will allow you to play iTunes DRM protected files. It can also act as a WAP or can be a wireless client. The audio out is is a Mini jack that is analog or optical. You can stream to multiple remote speakers simultaneously but I'm not sure how in sync they would be for overlapping audio zones. They can usually be found on ebay for around $85.00.

Just another option.
opie - does this only work for iTunes? Will this work for other music software?

I recently learned of an application called Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba that will allow you send audio from any application to 1 or several AirPort Express units. I have been playing with the Mac version which is a 2.X release but have not tested the 1.0.0 public beta for Windows yet. I have been very impressed so far; I plan to try using Applescript to send certain types of audio to various parts of my home based on occupancy etc...